Foreword by the Australian High Commissioner to India,
The Hon Barry O’Farrell AO

AHC Barry O'Farrell

​​Congratulations to Sharon, Indranil and all the contributors to the Agathokakological Aussie Summer Story Mosaic.  This compelling anthology traverses Australian summers in ways that will surprise and delight readers.

I am pleased to see​​​ that the stories reflect​ ​the diversity of Indian and Australian experiences, and offer ​​a window into our multicultural communities.

I am sure these personal perspectives will resonate with many readers.  I found myself reflecting on my own summer memories spent across Australia, and longing for future summer adventures spent here in India.

​​India and Australia are natural partners and friends.  ​​​​Our relationship is built on what I call the ‘4 Ds’: democracy, defence, diaspora and dosti (friendship).

This anthology captures diaspora and dosti with vibrancy and enthusiasm.

Deepening diaspora and dosti are the bedrock of the Australia-India relationship.​ ​ I firmly believe that the more we share our stories, the greater the understanding and friendships we can build.

​​In recognising this, literature has formed an integral part of the Australian Government’s public diplomacy in India.  We continue to highlight Australia’s diverse voices and, in conjunction with the Australia Council for the Arts, build ties between Australian and Indian publishers and authors.

I commend this anthology as a valuable contribution to furthering Australia-India literary links.

The Hon Barry O’Farrell AO

Agathokakalogical Aussie Summer Story Mosaic